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Club Pack Products

Fire Roasted
Portabella Mushrooms (16/2 lb.)
Sliced White Mushrooms (16/2 lb.)
Whole Button Mushrooms (16/2 lb.)

Private Label Products

Fire Roasted
Portabella Mushrooms (8/12 oz.)
Sliced White Mushrooms (8/12 oz.)
Whole Button Mushrooms (8/12 oz.)

About Our Club Packs / Private Label Packs

Phillips Gourmet sautéed fire roasted mushrooms are recipe ready with the flavor and texture of freshly prepared mushrooms. Our freshly sautéed and seasoned mushrooms are roasted in our state of the art, open flame roaster. The result is a mushroom that tastes like it just came off the grill. Our sautéed roasted mushrooms are IQF and Umami rich. Discover the consistent and robust flavor of our sautéed roasted mushrooms.

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